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How to take care of your face mask?

There is growing concern that Face Masks are not being used correctly.

Below I am sharing some knowledge on different types of Face Masks and how to use them correctly. Please take note that I am not a Face Mask / medical expert, so whichever Face Mask you decide to use it is best to always do some research on quality and best practices.

Cloth Face Mask: There is currently a huge market for these. Some brands are using fabrics from past collections to make Face Masks, seamstresses are making them is beautiful fun prints, maybe even your neighbour is making them at home. The important detail to note is the quality of the fabric.

If a fabric is not tightly knit then it will feel very breathable but it will also allow particles to flow freely. This is why it is recommended that cloth Face Masks are used in conjunction with a Non Woven Filter, the filter needs to be changed daily and it is the piece that acts as a barrier in your Face Mask.

At House of Bibs we have Non Woven Filters for Adults and Children available in our website (click here).

Cloth Face Masks with certified fabrics: House of Bibs currently has a great collection of Adult and Child face masks made by Mamimuac with certified fabrics (see the collection here).

What does this mean? Well the fabrics have gone through tests that certify their efficiency in Aerosol and Particle Filtration as well as other standards. Here you can see the tests undergone by the fabric that is used by Mamimuac.

This certificate details the results of the tests undergone by the fabric which is used in the outer layer of the Face Mask.

The inner layer of the Face Mask, in contact with your face, is of 100% Cotton.

Both fabrics additionally have the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate, this certifies that the fabrics have been tested for harmful substances and are harmless for human health (you can read more about it here).

Knowing that your Face Mask is of good quality is important, but equally important is to make the the right use of the Face Mask.

Here are some recommendations on how to use and take care of your Cloth Face Masks by Mamimuac:

- Change your cloth Face Mask for a clean one after 4 hours or use. When you breath , cough or talk your face masks becoming humid, for this reason it is important that you regularly change your mask to a clean one.

- Wash your Face Mask after each use, the Mamimuac Face Masks we sell can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine.

- Iron the printed side of your Face Mask with high heat, this outer fabric has the peculiarity of increasing its waterproof efficiency with high heat.

- Most important don't over use your mask! The Mamimuac Face Masks we sell are certified for 25 washes, this means that it is recommended you dispose of them after that time.

- Last but not least, we recommend you use a Non Woven Filter with your Face Mask, we have them available on the website (click here).

** This is a little video from WHO (World Health Organisation) on other best practices that should be by now part of our daily interactions and actions, not a bad idea to watch with the family - "How to wear a Fabric Face Mask safely" - video **

Other Face Masks that are widely used:

FFP2: These thick non woven Face Masks are supposed to protect you best as well as others around you, you may also find in shops as KN95. They should fit snuggly and have a nose piece for securing it around the nose bridge, they are hard to come by and may be expensive. There have been some issues with fake or uncertified masks being sold in the market, so if you are going to buy these do a little google search to make sure it is from a certified manufacturer. These masks are recommended for an 8 hour use after which they should be disposed of.

Surgical Face Mask: These are the thin paper ones that you see medical staff using, they have a nose piece to adjust around the nose bridge. The recommendation is that after 4 hours of use these Face Masks should be disposed of and replaced with a new one. You may have seen that environmentalists recommend that you cut the elastics before disposing them.

I personally like to use the Cloth Face Masks by Mamimuac because they are very light and comfortable, they don't irritate my skin and they feel very breathable. I also like them because they are reusable and it feels good to wear a freshly washed face mask every day, it is also more environmentally friendly than other options.

But whichever is your choice of Face Mask please make sure that you are using it safely and taking care of it properly. With this note I will leave you with an article that the World Health Organisation has published on the use of Face Masks.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Masks - WHO - recommendations